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Infrastructure MTAB  
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Service And Maintenance
R & D
Service and maintenance programs play an important role in the effectiveness of our equipment. A highly qualified and trained technical team handles the maintenance and servicing of our equipment and the in-plant maintenance. Service & maintenance is offered
  Online       On-site       Via e-mail
Our R & D Team consists of highly qualified engineers. The products are designed with a focus on finite element analysis and latest simulation techniques.
We collaborate with design and research agencies for our products to be:
  Efficient in performance.      Ergonomic in Approach.       Aesthetic in appeal
Quality & Product Assurance
Our assembly plants & manufacturing facilities are equipped with the latest production systems, infrastructure and custom made equipment. The entire production setup runs on ERP systems.
Designed for quality, our products assure “Customer Delight”.
Production facilities are equipped with
  Latest inspection machines
  Laser testing and calibration equipments
  Life cycle tests run by our quality team
Sales and Marketing
Innovation in Training
MTAB is headquartered in Chennai, India with
  Centres in Delhi and Bangalore, India
  Elxnz International, LLC (a consulting partner established in 2003)to market products in North & South American and other countries
  Dealership and distribution networks spanning Europe, Middle-East, Africa, Australia, South America and South East Asia 
 Marketing team made up of qualified engineers with MBAs

Proactive Customer Interface
  Extensive participation in exhibitions and seminars in India and globally
  Sponsoring and conducting technology conferences & seminars in leading institutions
  Invited as industry partner to be part of boards of educational institutions to recommend future curriculum in Advanced Manufacturing Technology
eTraining- Training at your doorstep” - We provide online training and facilitate the availability and accessibility of support skills to the remotest parts of India and globally.

Annual Training Contracts - MTAB is a pioneer in India, offering Annual Training Contracts for sustained skill development.
MTAB Technology Centre is a state of the art training facility, offering
  Training in Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
  Highly qualified faculty
  Wide range of training equipment
  Industry oriented curriculum

We offer training programs for:
  Industry and students
  Institute partnership
  In-housing training
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